the art of walking

My Muse: Matisse!! Moroccan Woman (Zorah Standing). Central panel of a triptych. 1912. Oil on canvas.
the art of walking
by Mary Miller Pembleton

...I tried to live your way, land locked and mountain high
But I keep cooking fish tacos when all you like is venison stew

My tattered pirate scarves, sandals in snow
You head to toe in camouflage, suspicious of open spaces

Knew on the honeymoon cruise trouble was afoot with you
in the state room green-gilled as I swayed in midnight moon glow

hoped the mermaid painting souvenir would be enough, you
made me a lamp of shells and sands, painted the walls "azure dreams"

for hours on end we perched in your home made tree stand waiting
for deer to come, in silent restraint, I longed only for the blue sea

satisfied by seaweed salad and salt on my sun torched lips
madly riding waves past sunset, tending the crackling bonfire till dawn

time to leave you to the beef jerky, turkey shoots and perfecting the art
of walking on dry leaves without making any sound at all


  1. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

  2. Keep posting such good and meaningful articles. Good Job.

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