The Pineapple Souffle, Stuffing, Side Dish Everyone Wants

The Pineapple Souffle, Stuffing, Side Dish Everyone Wants
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly grease a square baking dish(glass 9x9 is best) but smaller or metal can work.
Ingredients: 20 oz can CRUSHED Pineapple
1 cup sugar
1 stick butter cut in 8 pats
4 eggs, beaten lightly
6 slices white bread cut in 1-inch squares
Toss all ingredients together in large bowl. Pour into baking dish. Check that butter pats are evenly distributed. Bake 1 hour at 350 degrees.

Variations: Use any whole wheat or any bread you like. Slightly stale is best.
Use less sugar, top with brown sugar.
Decorate top with a few maraschino cherries or pineapple slices
Perfect with Ham, pork, turkey, chicken.
You can cream the butter and sugar but it is not required. Gives Answers iN Motion Generous Gift!

The Business 2 Business global web site has been one of our company's most important relationships. Nearly 4 years ago we located the primary suppliers we still use today through . We have gladly shared our positive experience using their services. It has resulted in Answers In Motion being featured as part of a 4 page adve-torial in INC and Fast Company magazines (June09 issues).

We were interviewed for a new book about Alibaba, their origins and how to best use their services. We even video taped a happy 10th Birthday message to celebrate their anniversary date. Our biggest surprise came last week when they invited us to be apart of their annual ALiFest a Business Summit and trade show. offered us this opportunity at no cost to us and then we discovered the event is in China!! So in a month's time we will be flying around the world to participate in AliFest, experience a culture unknown to us and get to meet our suppliers personally. These wonderful people email weekly and call when needed and make top quality Thumball products for us. They are kind and cooperative and it will be a real pleasure to thank them in person.

The world of an entrepreneur is risky, tumultuous, rewarding and at times full of surprises. This is a wonderful surprise and an exciting opportunity and we give thanks to Alibaba and the universe for this experience.

Play It Smart with Thumball

Play It Smart with Thumball by Answers In Motion: "The Smart Balls" for Learning through Play!
  1. Meet & Greet Thumball for Family Reunions & Home Product Parties: provides thoughtful questions that stimulate interesting and fun conversations.
  2. Ice Breaker Thumball for More Memorable Meetings: fun, easy way to increase employee participation & attention at trainings.
  3. Virtues & Values Thumball for Building Self Esteem: encourages self-reflection on personal characteristics. How do you see yourself and how do others see you?
  4. Category Mania Thumball helps "It's on the Tip of My Tongue" disorder: practice word finding with ease. Kids build vocabularies and older adults keep their brains sharp.
  5. Emotion Mania Thumball for all including those with Asperger's: practice understanding and using facial expressions. Expands emotional intelligence.
  6. Who Are You Thumball for all particularly those with Autism: fun way to socialize, turn take & make casual eye contact.
  7. Move Your Body Thumball for Getting Active: teaches verbs, adverbs, body language & fitness. Act out each direction in reps of 3 to 5 for an entertaining work out.
  8. Answer Mania Thumball for Making Silly or Serious Decisions: ask it any yes/no question and it helps you know what to do or not to do!
  9. Thumball Literacy Set for Better Reading Comprehension: reinforces story elements (plot, conflict) and provides practice in retelling classic tales.
  10. My ABCs or Letter Mania Thumballs for Learning Letter Sounds: enhances phonological skills essential to reading development.
  11. Numbers Thumball for developing Math skills: count, learn 1 to 1 correspondence, practice math equations. Throw it twice and add, subtract or multiply!
  12. Shapes Thumball for Early Cognitive Learning: develops visual perception, language skills and introduces prefixes.
  13. Animals Thumball for Early Language Learning: develops naming skills, expands animal descriptions, perfect for Old McDonald sing along.
  14. Catch Peace Thumball for Promoting Peace Around The World: increases cultural awareness and discussion of current events.
  15. Soccer Mania Thumball for teaching skills & coaching: makes drills more fun, stimulates discussions about the match and reinforces rules & terms.
  16. Love Always Thumball for showing you care: learn to say, “I love you.” in 10 languages and reflect on 20 quotes about love. Great for anniversary, wedding, showers, Valentine’s Day.
Thumball Bible Set Arriving in August 2009.
Baseball Thumball, Full Deck Thumball and Football Thumball soon to follow!

Thumball Now Available at

Answers In Motion and Talicor/Aristoplay are pleased to announce Three Thumball Designs Now Available online at Shapes, Animals and Ice Breaker Thumballs are the first offerings of major retailer Target. They have a great, easy to use website making it simple to purchase Thumballs.

Shapes and Animals are the ideal toddler gift, teacher gift or baby shower present. Ice Breaker is the most popular Thumball design and is perfect to bring to work, parties, family reunions, senior centers and trainings. Everyone will be talking and interacting in seconds.

Thumball has increased exposure, brand recognition and easier availability which means greater growth and new products to come. Our perfect aim has hit the bull's eye.