2011 Disability and Special Needs Resource Fair

Come Join Us! THIS Saturday, April 2. 2011 Disability and Special Needs Resource Fair with exhibitors from local and state organizations which provide services and support to those with special needs!!
Bethel Christian Center, 1583 Blackwood Clementon Road, Blackwood NJ 08012
FREE and Open To ALL!!

Come On Out To The Moon Dance

Come On Out To The Moon Dance
The "Super Moon" will be reflected in millions of pairs of eyes tonight, Her shine infinitely multiplied. A free of charge show of clarity, energy and glow! May it cleanse the vibration of our beings creating a perfect space to offer prayers of peace, gratitude and healing. A moment to bless all and infuse love into the world with particular kindness and compassion for earth's brothers and sisters in Japan.

Spring Newletter-Thumball Times

Spring Newsletter of The Thumball Times is out! Get a 20% discount off all retail sales when you shop at www.thumball-store.com

Quack Quack-Woof Woof Woof: Animals & Numbers Thumballs

When one Thumball is not enough try two! Form a small group with one person in the middle. Pass one Animals Thumball and one Numbers Thumball in a circle until the leader says "Stop" or when the music stops. The person with Animals Thumball shouts out the name of the animal under their right thumb. The person with numbers Thumball shouts out the number under their right thumb. The player in the middle then makes that animals sound that number of times.
"Cow!", "Six!", "moo,moo,moo,moo, moo,moo!"

This is a great activity to engage students, increase focused attention and integrate multi-step directions. The fun and laughter is guaranteed. Ready? " Turkey!, "Four!"
Did you gobble four times??? Now you choose someone to sit in the middle and on and on. Fun for all, double the Thumballs, double the fun!