Thumball Featured in The Official Success Guide

Mary and Gregg Pembleton, founders of Answers In Motion LLC and creators of the educational game, Thumball are honored to have been included in a new book. Written by Brad and Debra Schepp, The Official Success Guide explains the way to successfully source and sell products through the comprehensive and easy to use web site

The story of Thumball's beginnings and the road The Pembletons followed to success are described in detail. Quotes through out the book help guide new entrepreneurs, inventors and business owners in safe practices and effective strategies. A great new publication for current information and inspiring stories.

Generosity, the True Santa

Happy Holidays To ALL! The magic is in the air and the stress is in the mall. The financial picture has eased it seems and consumerism rules but generosity is plentiful too. The holidays may get people crazy with finding the perfect gift and believing it is of critical importance but fear not. People always find a way to give to others of their time, money, gifts and love.

The magic is evident when you donate a warm coat, drop off a new toy, choose a family to give to instead of office gift exchanges, share your favorite family cookie recipe, say a prayer of thanks and bring out those ornaments that bring back some warm memories. Sometimes the holidays heal old family wounds and bring hearts once thought gone forever back into the fold.

We at Answers In Motion make a point of donating all year long to needy organizations that can utilize our star product Thumball in a meaningful way. We go further in December and give larger donations to special places where children, the aging and the ill reside. A feeling grows inside of us and a Santa like fullness is our experience. Christmas would be meaningless to us without generosity and it can fill you up better than cookies and milk but the holidays would not be the same without those either.