Ode To A Thumball

when bodies move, learning improves
where listening grows, collaborations flow
as creativity is ignited, participants get excited
communication is enhanced, social interactions advance
it's a Thumball celebration
come join the conversation

Better Speech and Hearing Month

May is the month for blooming flowers and Better Speech and Hearing Month. A chance to celebrate and grow all forms of communication and interpersonal connections. Speech therapy originated to help people articulate sounds more accurately to improve understanding by others. Now speech therapy includes reading, writing, listening, speaking, thinking and social skill development. Communication skills are key to everything and as we develop we advance our skills we all become model examples for others.

Consider your own communication, what are your strengths(good vocabulary, attentive listener, effective writing skills)? What could you improve upon( speaking slower; louder; quieter, remembering details, understanding figures of speech)?

What about the ideas you communicate to yourself about yourself. Do you send messages of love, approval, strength, optimism? Affirming yourself, your life and your blessings is a great way to communicate positive energy and the benefits will bloom all around you.

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