Literacy Thumball Set Winning Awards!

Announcing the 2009 Creative Child Magazine Awards!

Literacy Thumball Set- Tell The Tale Thumball™
(Educational Toys category)

Literacy Thumball™Set- Parts of a Story Thumball™,
(Educational Toys category)

Over 100 moms and educators evaluated Parts of A Story and Tell The Tale known as The Literacy Thumball Set and has awarded them the prestigious Seal of Excellence.

Enhance reading comprehension and stimulate interesting discussions about fables, fairy tales and books of every kind. Reinforce key story elements like plot, setting and conflict in a fun attention getting game. The Literacy Thumball Set is easy to play, sends a positive educational message, and is high in value while low in price.

Literacy skills are the foundation of effective life long learning! Congratulations to Answers In Motion, exclusive designer and manufacturer of Thumball products.

Team Building byTraining Wheels with Thumball

Trainers & Team Builders LOOK! 2 Fantastic New Thumball Designs:
Conflict Resolution & Debriefing

It is exciting to see Thumball's reach expand and grow as we create custom products for forward thinking companies.
Training Wheels is a known leader in the team building industry and prides itself in creating quality, affordable activities, books, and trainings for those seeking experiential resources. Owner Michelle Cummings has created a wide variety of facilitation, debriefing and team building activities that have collectively changed the way experiential educators and trainers work.

Michelle has designed two very useful tools: Conflict Resolution Thumball and Debriefing Thumball which make trainings and team building experiences even more effective and memorable. Those special designs are now available on her website and we encourage you to check them out.

There are many creative people out there in every field developing their own Thumball designs tailored specifically for their goals. We at Answers In Motion are here to turn those ideas into reality. As the exclusive manufacturers of Thumball products we are ready to serve the needs of businesses, celebrities, charities and families that want an attention getting way to convey their message. Thumballs are really catching on!

Mrs. Çalifornia Crowns Thumball The Winner

You just never know where Thumball will take us and who we may meet. Mrs. California, Lisa McCumber Gandara was an unexpected surprise for us and she delighted us with her energy and enthusiasm. We introduced Thumball products to her and after the 6 second learning curve she really got the big idea.

With 3 children she was enthusiastic about the Who Are You and Category Mania Thumballs. For gatherings with friends, families or in the workplace she loved the Ice Breaker design. Lisa is committed to family and her platform is to bring back family dinners. Thumball can start the meal time conversation with ease. Mrs. California reported her family "had so much fun playing Thumball together".

I had never met a pageant queen before and don't really know what I expected but Lisa was a wonderful surprise in her sash and crown and we wish her all the best. She may win the Mrs United States pageant this year but it seems clear she is already a winner to her family and friends.

Young Hollywood Stars Celebrate with Thumball

What fun for Thumball to be included in the gift bags at Debby Ryan's (Suite Life On Deck) Sweet Sixteen and at Brittany Curran's (Legally Blondes) 19th Pool Party. These young actresses were so gracious and lovely. They expressed real appreciation for Thumball and are still well grounded despite the demands of living and working in Hollywood. They are doing a great job on Disney and Nickelodeon TV shows and have lots of new projects in the works. We wish them a wonderful year with some Thumball fun in it too.

Thumball Goes Hollywood! Celebrity Fans Lining Up!

Sunny California a bit cloudy and gray but that didn't dampen our enjoyment of LA. The Hollywood hills make for a beautiful drive, Santa Monica Pier makes every age feel like a kid again and the art museums and galleries left us speechless with the stunning work by painters, photographers and sculptors.

Our primary reason for visiting So Cal was to participate in a Gift Suite and provide free product to celebrities for feedback, photos and autographs. The show was in tribute to the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. The incredible Slash of Guns and Roses came as did Kellan Lutz(so nice!) of Twilight and lots of others familiar faces.

Thumball made a big impression on the stars and we got phenomenal feedback from actors young and old. It was remarkable to realize that the celebs were truly impressed with US and not just the other way around. They loved that our business is a family affair and meeting our oldest children Sammy and Matt really made them smile.

I lost count of the number of "Congratulations" and good wishes we received. Spending time chatting with the stars made them real as anyone else with the same demands of life we all share (picking up kids from daycare, trying to make a movie on time, feeling tired in the morning).

The fact that we had a dream and achieved it and found a way to make a great product that truly helps people just blew everyone away. What an unexpected twist and a wonderful feeling to have a world class actor like Hector Elizondo(Monk, Cane, Chicago Hope, The Princess Diaries, Runaway Bride, Pretty Woman) giving us praise and telling us to be proud of OUR accomplishments. Celebs are focused on children, education and successful promotions so there was no end to our conversations with them.

We will share many of the special moments and fun photos from California in upcoming posts, on our website and on Thumball's Face Book page. I will remember to take a few moments to enjoy our success and thank everyone, Hollywood stars and all for being fans of Thumball!