We are All A Part of History Today: Obama Thumball too

Millions have come together on the mall in Washington DC to share in the exuberance of this day. Inauguration Day may have never captivated hearts and minds in this powerful a way before. Give credit to great TV coverage but the spirit shining today is compelling and it is the man, our President Barack Obama who deserves the real credit.

A true coming together of humanity is happening and laying a foundation for more progress in relationships of every kind. Obama Thumball shares this excitement and is available at
www.obamathumball.com. Inspired by our new President and the perfect tool for teaching the tenets of democracy and the civics curriculum.

The task is huge and after the confetti is swept up the significant issues will be there needing attention. Today however should be a grand celebration because a new level of freedom and opportunity has been achieved. The pride of our country is beginning to be restored. Political fighting can be put to rest and we can all participate in our communities under President Obama and keep this enthusiasm rolling.

Obama Thumballs Traveling Across The Country

So much goes on in a typical day at Answers In Motion it can seem hard to find time to blog let alone the focus to choose a topic and make it interesting. All days are not interesting or easy or full of inspiration. That is okay though cause it makes the joyful days even sweeter.

For today the word at AIM is "The Obama Thumballs are in Alaska on route to Colorado!"
Only one week to Inauguartion Day! Hope, Progress and Change. This feels exciting and inspiring making me remember the elation of election evening.

The newest design, President Barack Obama Thumball is a way to keep the hope and vision of the campaign alive. A chance to discuss and integrate the plans for our nation under a remarkable new leader. Visit obamathumball.com
Share a piece of history with the toss of a ball, the lift of a thumb and the confidence that better days are to come.