Lennon Lives

there is
nothing to forgive
nothing is really wrong
Peace lives right here right now for all
John's song

Truck Stop Candy

I know, I know, I have to stop
everyone keeps telling me
it's dangerous
anything could happen
why would you take a risk like that
But I'm still doing it

my neural by-ways are crowded
my synaptic blue highways filled
vagabonds, gypsies
dust covered nomads
just standing there smiling
on the edge of the road
all of them hitchhiking
never sure to where

this mind of mine
always slowing down
pulling over
picking them up
taking them where ever they want to go
what can I say
I'm a generous soul
interested in helping others

they give me great ideas sometimes
and sure are good listeners
the backpacked guys
the girls all dressed in layers
share interesting perspectives
some are world travelers
they seem to love my stories
say my poems are the best they've heard
ask why I'm not published
assure me they would buy my work

we stop for snickers bars and gum
toss out all the empty cups
maybe they see my humble genius
they never want to say Good Bye
give me hugs, take my picture
thank me endlessly
nice characters all
such enthusiasm
can't have anything
to do with
that twenty
I palmed them
when they got
inside the truck

on the entrance ramp
I see white t-shirts
a friendly looking couple
thumbing a ride
let me see
if I can
help them out

Live It

Rip off the Wrapping
Life is A Gift

Play With Passion
Life is a Game

Laugh Till it Hurts
Life is Funny

Share Everything
Life has Enough

Sing like a Rock Star
Life is A Song

Ask Any Question
Life has the Answer

Create a Masterpiece
Life is a Work of Art

Have Cake and Eat it Too
Life is a Party

Be willing to get Wet
Life is an Underwater Wonder

Go on Safari
Life is a Daring Adventure

Get a PhD
Life is fascinating

Life is Your Limosine
It will take you anywhere you tell it to go

Daily Double

books back to front
I know answers first, but
like Jeopardy, can speak only

beach bum

I went to the water
today I swear
I tasted quiet
inhaled tender
calm as a clam
amid seas of commotion
resisting any movement at all
the waves carrying me
long distances
along the shore line

my breath
in charge
each flawless
stroke cutting
with telescopic precision
moving silently forward
covering a lot of ground
without suspicion
on course
I'm identical
remain the same
in place where i started
not even wet
the sun unmoved
across the sky
it seemed like that
to ice cream licking
sun glassed friends
close kin

New Vues

rose colored? clear?
one black forbidding patch
to wear? our gut sees better than

tortilla moon

tortilla moon

wild breath in my chest drawing me westward
magical wind swept tales told
7,000 feet high on cold creek wine

pudding soft arroyo steps
leading me in ways of elders and remarkable men
powered by thought and around 10,000 waves

the journey begins by finding
prisms in quartz veins
sponsored by The Shooting Star Illuminations™Co.

doughnut-glazed eyes try to concentrate
as sun drenched summits wave
wagging packs of pups approach

well used guitars everywhere
friends share all comforts
encourage untamed investigations into faces, stories, spaces

late winter climbs to hot spring pockets where no one ever minds waiting
it's about creatively mating with all life experiences
(this one guy waited for us in the Jemez Valley like literally all night and next morning was still smiling)

lick a lace agate slice
mold pots of sweet cherry clay
hang freedom weavings from roadside stands

is your devotion just a passing phase?
check the schedule
the train is pulling out of the station

at all the festivals, roasting pinon wood
over heating sun-ripened cheeks
every native wolf howling

pulse racing as vivid colors cast spells
get lots more drinking water
such passions can be dehydrating

damn chile cravings again
of all the places on this earth
blood mountain and moonscape.... really?

Santa Fe we need to talk,
time has come for me
to do my own cooking,
kick things up a notch,
pump my own heart


You get a glaze, that far away stare, where you go I'm unaware
But you can trust me babe I swear, I long to know your thoughts and cares
You are my life, my answered prayer

Just snuggle up and settle in
set your face against my chin
and talk to me about anything

The internet or foreign affairs, fashion, cooking, cleaner air
talk to me in our love worn chair
we are a pair, a union rare

Who's the latest billionaire, new ways to play solitaire,
every thought in your heart so fair
please tell me what you want to share

Your speech so sweet within that grin
we've been together through thick and thin
come talk to me about anything

Precious jewel, light filled and rare
nothing, no one could ever compare
my life, my love, my answered prayer

Truth Chowder

Wake up the alarm is ringing
Wake up the birds are singing
Wake up, wake up, it's naked
honest truth I'm bringing

In your eyes shines the sun
Your smile starts the fun
In your laugh I come undone
In our arms we become one

Truth time feels so fine
Truth time yours and mine
Yeah, it's about truth and
it's about time

It's you singing in my heart
on your mark, get set, it's time to start
It's you dancing in my mind
glory how you make me shine
It's you living in my soul
your perfect love has made me whole

Truth time feels so fine
Truth time yours and mine
Yeah, it's about truth and
it's about time

Evening Omlettes

all of these fragile longings
return each year at flower time
they ride on the underside
of whispers inside rising prayers

my remembrance of lying
on your spring shadow's length
knowing the time's come
for scattering dream seeds
into honeysuckle winds
where rivers run, love flows
all that remains
is skin brushing skin
the setting light
within your eyes

Campfire Cooking

Cricket's lullaby rocks me sound asleep,
the dream does all the work
I hear prayers of thanks echo through
earth's universal church

Light a candle, plant a tree
Build an altar to truth and dignity
Birth the song life longs to hear
Sing each word, release all fear

Such joyous, glorious gifts resound in infinity
Now I am
complete again
with all you've given me

Self respect, new eyes to see
a poet's voice, creativity
A jigsaw puzzle to complete
United hands insert the final piece
Now I am complete again with all you've given me

Break Up Blues in 3 Parts

You Left
your shoes behind
the couch bought together
before our love was canceled by
Cold Feet

You Said
I live waiting
for fairy tale princes to 
come true, I still believe,
he's just...
Not You

grab tear soaked sheets
hung dripping. Sun warms them
now only one swollen heart
to dry

Awakening's Coffee

Yawn song once the tune I crooned, in bed midnight clear through noon

Avoided sunlight, dark Ray Bans on, back to bed, all dreams are gone

Lived this life waiting and seeing, forgot my part in creating my being

No real rest restrained in tangled flannel, despondently surfing TV's countless channels

Lived this life waiting and seeing, forgot my part in creating my being

Then a voice not heard before hummed a soothing song, urging me, encouraging me,
"Come out and greet the dawn."

A bath of glowing skylight washed away life's misery,
this sleeping soul now shouting endless possibilities.

Love's awakening in me, inviting kind discovery
Loves awakening in me, answers every mystery
Love's awakening in me, life's joyful opportunities
Eternal bliss, forever freed, love's awakening in me

green chile home

in stunning red rock splendor,
mountains share her timeless pleasure
drumming, dancing, ancient ways,
sacred chants, fragrance sage

symphonies grow deep within earth,
heralding time's creative worth
raven's cry, a transforming song,
three tribes gathered, zesty and strong

pure crystal air, lets breath expand
blue sky kisses, etched canyon land,
santa fe trail, high desert sand,
lost my heart there, come take my hand


a chance
one open chute
our leap of faith to share
we jump, fly free, trust, let it be
the key

Made With Love

A breeze reminding me, of all the dreams that had blown through
my heart, these arms, this property.

Even started to believe, I owned an undisputed monopoly
in heartbreak's vast community.

Never bothered making a house feel like a home, no painting walls,
hanging shelves, brightening up dingy halls.

Waiting on love's fix-it man to perform each act,
fill my frames, take the blame, call my name, light the flame.

When I grew to recognize I can be my own landlord,
did love then come and made a claim of it's own accord

Cleaned ceiling to floor, then a knock on my door
Your first words, my heart's reward;
"In you I see beauty waiting to be born."

We've carpeted this household with goodness plush and new
the beams are strong, the rooms now filled with the best of me and you

Kissing morning sky, baking passion pie
one lush girl, one fine guy, healthy gardens growing high

Now if I know anything about love, it's all because of you
Building our life, living our joy, the work we love to do
Yes if I know anything about love it's all because of you

spring break

in snow leave tracks
sun removes icy edges
they melt away my path to past

Wine Song

The tune came from your tall trees swaying in the breeze
Notes grew out of mountains, powerful, serene

Sentiments to choose and blend, add a melody to send
keeping time until the end, loyal lyrics for a friend

To share them is a choosing, to deny would be a sin
A gift come time for showing, no concern for lose or win

Spirit agrees, cheers with glee, voices rise in key
perfect pitch in harmony, creativity set free

Joyful noise to hear, rich with sweat and tears
encores far and near, now the way is clear

A song to offer bare and bold, holy chant like days of old
conductor of our voice and soul, ancient truth to have and hold

cherries jubilee

cherry blossom trunk
draped in velvet robes,
cotton candy flakes sugar Asian roots
entrancing grove's fleeting
flower frosting

blackbird braided branches
faintly drumming,
bowed heads gently march, sit upon her strands
richest pink silk spilling
sacred secrets

crisp cedar heats noses
soft moonlight melting
frozen tears leave a love sheen on spring cheeks
cascading shivers, sudden sky thunder, all at once
satisfying hunger

The Real Thing

We went shopping for new dishes but I can't imagine why
We never share a supper, it's in our cars we dine

It's like we live in different places, body, soul and mind
Our point of view's grown jaded, the table turned to lies.

Did we see it coming? Could we have redirected fate?
Questions so important, have they come a time too late?

Now we're looking for real love, the truest kind of mate
I think I might just know someone, let me set up the date,

She'll be wearing boots of leather, waiting patiently at Eight
A man she likes in denim and she loves to stay out late.

Forget about impressions, for true heart is all she longs
I know this woman will like you, just sing that Beatles song.

Did I fail to mention she looks a lot like me?
Just looking for some real love to shake us to our knees.

Real love, the real thing, a dance on angel's wings
Looking for that real love only our two hearts can bring.

Grace Gumbo

Placed a special order from the local take out place,
one heaping helping plateful of a little thing called Grace

I've heard it called God's wilderness, a very sacred space
but no one I know has some or has even had a taste

The source some say "Abundant", no shortages exist
But my diner must have just run out for the board says "86"

I'm starving for it's peacefulness, hungry for it's care
Certain it's an ingredient in a breath of mountain air

A faint recalled aroma, the incense of a prayer
Perhaps it is a tidbit of the love the world once shared

Let's cater a private party and dance and dine and sing
Graced in robes of majesty, at the feast where all are King

Stunned Onion(Country Song Waiting for Keith Urban To Record)

Regular night out with the crowd, no big plans just hanging around
Beers and burgers, onions and fries, when to my shock and utter surprise...
a vision in white went swaying by and my oh my the shimmer, the shine
Dear God she is sublime, my dear you have left me stunned

Looking like a deer caught in headlights all ablaze
Almost fell right over when I saw you catch my gaze
What in the world has just begun? Have I completely come undone?
I'm stunned. You shot me with Love's gun, left me dazed, speechless, amazed, I'm stunned

Is this the lottery I just won? How did I get to oblivion?
Your eyes, your smile can't be outdone. Sexy and smart yet still homespun
What can I say, my heart's overrun.
I'm stunned. You shot me with Love's gun, left me dazed, speechless, amazed, I'm stunned

Now you say you feel the same, well blessed be, I sing in praise
Let no one tell you dreams don't come around, it's me in a tux, you in a gown
A vision in white swaying by and my oh my the shimmer, the shine
Dear God it's sublime I am, I am, I am just stunned

Companion Tea

he made a cup of tea from rain barrel water
fresh chamomile, set it on the sill to steep
reaching for the clover honey thought he heard the grass growing
decided to check and see,
stepping out into moist night air
discovering instead a tiny sparrow chick, broken winged, quite sick
found an eye dropper and with delicate embrace spent the evening
under moonlight sharing comradely tea in tall green grass
between earthbound creatures wanting only to be, in flight and free
more tea?

Love's Cocoa Mug

the warmest love complete with hug, the kindest mind, the clearest signs
the truth be told my honest soul, safe so safe, I blend and meld
within the arms of love I'm held

what better place exists? where else would you chose to be?
given now the gift of gifts to sweetly go with me
bundled warm, safe and snug, wrapped in Love's perpetual hug

I promise you and all to see, forevermore you'll be with me
safe, secure, loved and free, embraced my love you'll always be

all needs met, desires fulfilled, your perfect self, our perfect will
each day born fresh and new, never alone, my promise to you
bundled warm, safe and snug, wrapped in Love, God's perpetual hug

Divinity Dive

Last night's moonlight swallowed me whole, In the surprise and splendor I discovered my goal
In shimmering sky light old ideas drown, life's complications spiraled into dry ground

No longer afraid of the brightness in light, no longer confused by the mysteries of life
No longer asleep when there's so much to see, the dream is alive, the truth' inside me

Swimming with purpose, splashed with Love's shine, One blessed connection, Life's heart and mine
No one can steal it or chase it away, Together forever, forever we"ll stay

I awoke in dawn's company warm, dry and alive
Without hesitation into Love's flood I dive


The diner conversation dusty, my mind much too turkey sleepy, until your innocent query
"More?", a simple offer of chardonnay, my response alarming, unexpected
"Yes! More! More of wine, song and merriment. More of art, dance and sentiment
More of diving into wonderment, yes, more, more living, more love."

The guests now nervously fork chasing the meal's last remains
You calmly tipping the bottle, nodding in reply
"We share this word in common, you, your heart and mine
Yes, more, more adventure and exploring. More of friendship with adoring
More of me to do your pouring, yes, more, more living, more love."

Born to this yearning, flaming and burning, passionately churning, more
The foregone answer to the bakery fresh ply of hot country biscuits
butter piled pyramid high, melt with me, then let's make more.

Heaven Sorbet

there are no separate rooms in heaven, there are no rooms at all
no squares, no boxes, no closets to hide in,
no locks to keep anyone out

no heaven is quite diffferent, a circular place, all white and blue
warm and inviting, wet and swirling, a shining bay of bubbles with
enough room for all

in our hearts is a piece of heaven, harmony lives there
as does humor, the heat of passion, hard work and
every expression of love

we know it is heaven when we hold another in an hour of need
forgive the unforgivable, hit our knees with hard and fast faith,
heal with just a word or touch

step into heaven on earth, the water is just fine

Ripe Love Smoothie

Hungry and searching for the very same dish
Something sweet and natural, a fresh fruit salad kiss

Teach me ways of mangoes, pluck cherries from the stems
Choose the biggest bunch of banans, peel away the skins

Plump plants, blossoms round
Better than candy, the sweetest taste found

Harvest time, no more wishing
Love is ripe, come time for picking

The fruit on the vine, trusting and growing
One Great Tree of Life, all loving, all knowing