Can You Hand Me A Towel

Just out of reach
a hazy muffled
“I love you.”
hung in the air

wiping our after
shower mirror
the fog lifted
reflecting 499 pieces

a puzzled
forever left

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Thumball is a game that creates conversation



A great writer once said
“With inspiration a poem can unfold
but to become great poetry show me the proof.”

more this; less that
reorder, rephrase, recite, replace

review, restate, repeat, retrace
again and again, we chanted:

proof to the North of Grammar and grace
proof to the East for punctuation and space

proof to the South all errors erase
proof to the West format it in place

proof it and praise it to all above
proof it and praise it to all below

the seventh proof turns it and twirls
upward, outward and into the world

denied or dignified; adored or abhorred
hugged, loved or given a shrug

rated, hated, debated
even cleverly imitated; matters not

the mark’s been made, it goes on without you
you may wistfully wish to write it anew

don’t fret, wait it out
be Dickinson about it

if needing reassurance check on it
you will find it over there
in the pudding

Mary Miller Pembleton
July 29, 2010

Live Well

Does your conversation often revolve around symptoms, diaganosis, conditions and complaints? Are you fearful, frustrated by inadequate treatments, confused by too many treatmenst and over use of prescription drugs?

Illness is not a scary monster out there waiting to get you, instead it is inside of you and you have the power to send it packing.Truth be told only wellness is out there and in there and everywhere. Wellness is your natural state. Whether you let that abundant wellness flow is related to the internal vibration which is generated by thoughts and feelings about those thoughts.

New improved thoughts about any condition will create a shift in your body, they may be subtle or obvious, immediate or incremental. Take time to notice them and you will realize you are in control, you can heal yourself. Sure let the MDs help and take your time about all of this. This is not a race.

Abraham(from books by Jerry  and Esther Hicks) says "Don't get lost in the diagnosis, the medicine, or in the statistics about what somebody else did about it. If you don't feel good, it's because you're not thinking in a way that allows the Energy to flow....

You could just get really, really mad at someone you love and make every muscle in your body stiff. And you would ask,"Why does my body feel this way?" And we say, because you've had a Vibrational tug-of-war going on...

Stop looking for anything other than your mental and emotional state of being as answers to why you feel how you feel in your body. It is all Vibrational - no exception! And when you get that, then it doesn't matter what diagnosis has been given to you - it doesn't matter - it's temporary."

Wellness is always there, make it easier for it to stay, remove any obstacles(negative thoughts, believing what other people tell you, etc) that impede the flow. Know with unshakable faith that feeling bad and living in a medical drama is not necessary.

Think, speak and act in ways of confidence, clarity and wellness. Practice this new ideal and be amazed by the undeniable results of healthy thinking. Embrace freedom, enjoy wellness and express your true self.

Awesome Thumball Review at

Savvy users of technology will learn about Thumball, the ball for learning and improving inter-personal communication skills at  Jenny Williams posted a super review and explained the product with clarity and finesse. Will the mounting evidence that our recent submersion in technology can reduce effective social skills increase readers interest in a fun interactive product that stimulates conversation and positive social interaction. Answer Mania Thumball indicates " Yes! It is in the stars".

The Battalion - Social skills affect success

The Battalion - Social skills affect success
Technology is decreasing face to face interactions.... consciously creating communication opportunities and pro-social skill reinforcement is essential. Let's talk more, inspire others, boost confidence and verbally convey a message with ease. Those that balance effective use of current technological advances with strong inter-personal skills will succeed in the business world of tomorrow.

More Than Just A Ball: Catch A Conversation

Go beyond a game of catch with Thumball. Utilizing the brain-based principles of novelty, motivation, interaction and movement Thumball makes learning more fun! Thumballs are pleasingly squeezable balls with imprinted panels. Throw it. Catch it. Discuss what is written under your right thumb.

Want to improve listening and speaking skills while building vocabulary? 
  • Select Category Mania Thumball or move Your Body Thumball
Need to promote self awareness and discuss feelings in an easy effective way?
  • Select Emotion Mania Thumball or virtues and Values Thumball
Have to get acquainted quickly and easily?
  • Select Who Are You for kids and Icebreaker Thumball for teens and adults
Eager to teach youngsters early learning skills?
  • Select Numbers Thumball, My ABCs Thumball, Animals Thumball 
  • and Shapes Thumball
 Want to make a business training or workshop more interactive?
  • Select Meet and Greet Thumball or Best,Worst First Thumball
Having a get together or family gathering?
  • Select Entertainment Talk Thumball
Thumball is the only ball that can do all this and more. Improve social skills, learn concepts, stimulate conversation and share memories with Thumball. The premiere tool used by trainers, educators, parents and leaders to maximize communication opportunities
Easy to play! Inexpensive! Fun! Competition free! With over twenty designs there is a Thumball for every age to meet any need. Thumball Gets Everybody Talking!
Catch a Conversation!

Thumball Helps Today's Most Valued Attributes To Grow

"The post-industrial economy is indifferent to men's size and strength. The attributes that are most valuable today — social intelligence, open communication, and ability to sit still and focus — ..." Hmmmm, can Thumball help with this? I vote YES. Interesting article below but not the "End of Men" but more the evolution of men and women. The key really is to learn to actively listen to others, check that you understood the message, ask questions to expand the conversation and provide an accepting attitude of their opinions. Not easy to do but a valuable strategy to practice.