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Confetti Blooms Bridal Shower Invitation
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2011 Disability and Special Needs Resource Fair

Come Join Us! THIS Saturday, April 2. 2011 Disability and Special Needs Resource Fair with exhibitors from local and state organizations which provide services and support to those with special needs!!
Bethel Christian Center, 1583 Blackwood Clementon Road, Blackwood NJ 08012
FREE and Open To ALL!!

Come On Out To The Moon Dance

Come On Out To The Moon Dance
The "Super Moon" will be reflected in millions of pairs of eyes tonight, Her shine infinitely multiplied. A free of charge show of clarity, energy and glow! May it cleanse the vibration of our beings creating a perfect space to offer prayers of peace, gratitude and healing. A moment to bless all and infuse love into the world with particular kindness and compassion for earth's brothers and sisters in Japan.

Spring Newletter-Thumball Times

Spring Newsletter of The Thumball Times is out! Get a 20% discount off all retail sales when you shop at

Quack Quack-Woof Woof Woof: Animals & Numbers Thumballs

When one Thumball is not enough try two! Form a small group with one person in the middle. Pass one Animals Thumball and one Numbers Thumball in a circle until the leader says "Stop" or when the music stops. The person with Animals Thumball shouts out the name of the animal under their right thumb. The person with numbers Thumball shouts out the number under their right thumb. The player in the middle then makes that animals sound that number of times.
"Cow!", "Six!", "moo,moo,moo,moo, moo,moo!"

This is a great activity to engage students, increase focused attention and integrate multi-step directions. The fun and laughter is guaranteed. Ready? " Turkey!, "Four!"
Did you gobble four times??? Now you choose someone to sit in the middle and on and on. Fun for all, double the Thumballs, double the fun!

Here Comes The Sun! 20% off Thumball order!

The sun is shining in New Jersey today and our thoughts are growing warmer! Share in the celebration with a twenty percent saving on your ENTIRE Thumball order until 2-15-11. Enter the word SUN in the discount code box at

Thumball creates positive social interaction while developing key learning skills. Improve listening, speaking and reading skills while learning more about each other and the world.

Enjoy the classic lyrics of an all time favorite Beatles song here:
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun,
and I say it's all right

Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
and I say it's all right

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces
Little darling, it seems like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
and I say it's all right

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes...
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes...
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes...
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes...
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes...

Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting
Little darling, it seems like years since it's been clear
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun,
and I say it's all right
It's all right

the art of walking

My Muse: Matisse!! Moroccan Woman (Zorah Standing). Central panel of a triptych. 1912. Oil on canvas.
the art of walking
by Mary Miller Pembleton

...I tried to live your way, land locked and mountain high
But I keep cooking fish tacos when all you like is venison stew

My tattered pirate scarves, sandals in snow
You head to toe in camouflage, suspicious of open spaces

Knew on the honeymoon cruise trouble was afoot with you
in the state room green-gilled as I swayed in midnight moon glow

hoped the mermaid painting souvenir would be enough, you
made me a lamp of shells and sands, painted the walls "azure dreams"

for hours on end we perched in your home made tree stand waiting
for deer to come, in silent restraint, I longed only for the blue sea

satisfied by seaweed salad and salt on my sun torched lips
madly riding waves past sunset, tending the crackling bonfire till dawn

time to leave you to the beef jerky, turkey shoots and perfecting the art
of walking on dry leaves without making any sound at all

Still Life: A Poem with Mary and Henri

I love the arts; theater, live music, dance, art history, poetry and learning about the lives of artists. Devoting time to this passion of mine has been spotty at best. My iPad is making it easier to fit some art and inspiration into my days which are filled with running our family business. Masterpieces app gives me 200 images as a springboard and a short google search later and I am learning about Manet, Van Gogh, O"Keeffe and many others.

Henri Matisse makes me very happy, his use of color, composition and texture pleases my eye and soothes my heart. His Large Red Interior,1848, an oil on canvas caught my attention and a story formed in my head about how that very red room came to be. The phrase popped into my mind, "he once drank cups of me..." and this poem was born. It is not biographical either from Henri's life or my own but it effectively creates a mood by employing the imagery of temperature, color and thirst. The title Still Life is appropriate because of the many ways those two words can be interpreted.

Still Life

one simmering flame warms the hand blown teapot
he once drank cups of me
his young white leaf, his lemon honey
freshly filled fruit bowls spilling over everywhere

a gray afternoon found him down on the ground
Wailing about color and hue
Insistent it all turn crimson; moldings, floor, our furniture
Arms high, wild shouting,
     "Saturate the walls! Add a ruby ceiling!"

funny how the new love hut has no paint at all.
hot under his blankets of red
a ceramic saucer lies empty
one thirsty heart cries-out for primer

Great List of Kid's Toys-No Batteries Needed!

Metroland, an interesting and well written blog from Albany NY's alternative newsweekly has included Thumball by Answers In Motion on their list of cool Kid's Stuff. They summed up Thumball's staggering reach with the line, "Thumball is quickly becoming a hit from cribs to corporate retreats." It is true you may find a Thumball at a top corporate office or in a child's playroom in Indiana and that is part of the fun. A fun tool that encourages positive social interaction and increased opportunities for learning really is great for everyone at any age!

Thumball is showing up on Christmas lists, referenced in blogs and winning toy awards. Be on the look out this holiday season for Thumball to add to the magic that happens when loved ones get together and get to know each other even more, no batteries needed!

NJEA and Thumball: Perfect Together

The NJEA convention in Atlantic City was a huge success. Educators from all over NJ gathered together to share and expand their fund of knowledge. Answers In Motion exhibited with 18 Thumball designs available for purchase and the attendees were exuberant about bringing Thumballs back to their schools.

Thumball earned excellent feedback from caring and dedicated teachers, counselors, SLPs, ESL experts, presenotrs and parents happy to find a simple yet effective learning tool. One teacher reported that Thumball "saved my morning meeting time" explaining that her opening lesson each day is now filled with language expansion and focused attention as students particiapte eagerly and appropriately with Thumball.

We want to share the good vibrations from this event with a gift. Twenty percent off your entire order at Enter NJEA in the discount code box in your shopping cart.

Fat Brain Toys Chooses Thumball as A Winner!

4 inch Thumball has been chosen as a winner in the 2010 Fat Brain Toy Awards which means that visitors to Fat Brain Toys have chosen it as the best-of-the-best in specialty toys, games, and gifts. It is a honor to be recognized by a top notch educational toy retailer like Fat Brain. They offer the best toys for learning and family fun and we at Answers In Motion are thrilled to be part of their family of products. Using smart toys like Thumball at home and in school help students to develop focused attention, problem solving, social skills and healthy life styles. Thanks Fat Brain and thanks to all our customers and friends.

Enjoy Creating A Lifelong Love of Reading in Infancy

This article from got it so right.
Easy to understand and easy to implement ideas really will create a foundation of language skills and a love for literacy. Five Star Article!

The Real Vegas

A trip to Vegas is often a trip to "The Strip" where you can find amazing hotels, quality restaurants, world class entertainment, night clubs and of course casinos. It is a sight to see and many different kinds of experiences can be had in "Sin city".

We only go to Vegas on business trips for our company Answers In Motion (2010 ASD trade show) but we try to fit in at least one fun and interesting thing to do. Last year it was the amazing production called LOVE, a Beatles tribute by Cirque du a word, FANtastic!! This year we got to see the real Vegas, not the strip or the town or the shows or the buildings but rather the Vegas of millions of years ago.

A short drive out of town and you will find desert with Joshua trees(a plant actually, in the lily family!). With a well educated native at your side(thank you Robert!!) you can learn to recognize the layers of rock and landmarks of days gone by when mammoths roamed the land or ocean covered the desert floor. Now drive up to higher elevation and see first the scrubby pinions and junipers.

A very short scenic drive and you will be enfolded into cooler temperatures, tall pines and stunning vistas in the Spring mountains of NV. Did you know skiing is available from Oct to April? Picnic groves are easily found and hikes from simple to expert can be had. The air is so clean and fresh and the pace is lesuirely, as far from the lights and sounds of the strip as you can get but only 45 minutes away!

We are fortunate to know Robert, a lifelong NV native turned tour guide and all around great person. He has taken us to Red Rock Canyon and Mt Charleston one of the tallest peaks in NV and generously shares his vast knowledge of history, the flora and the fauna of the area. It leaves you with a new connection to the place called Vegas beyond the famous man made playground.

When you venture out West to try your luck for fun or business, do yourself a favor and contact Guided Vegas Tours...ask for Robert. A simple walking tour of the Strip or a day or night adventure into the real Vegas of desert, high desert or mountain landscapes and you will be a winner every time.

Thumball Loves Teachers

It's officially "Back To School" time and you know what that means! 15% off your Thumball™ order! Enter BTS1011 in discount code box(does not apply to sets). Great way for students to get acquainted with Who Are You Thumball. Want to develop student's character and encourage self reflection? Try Virtues and Values, Emotion Mania and Best, Worst First Thumball designs. We salute the fine educators committed to lifelong learning and improved communication for all.

New Thumball Catalogs Have Arrived

The new thumball catalog has three brand new Thumball designs inside for more conversation, language development and inter-personal interactions. Fuzzy Dice Designs created a fun, functional and fabulous catalog filled with detailed design descriptions, helpful tips to get the most out of your Thumball experience and sharp images. We are thrilled with the results and know our customers will be excited as well. Thumball Specials for back to school time will be coming soon!

Visit the website to view a pdf of the catalog.

Deficits in Early Infancy May Point to Autism in Pediatrics from MedPage Today:

Research in child development confirms that language and communication skills benefit from early intervention. Identification of early signs in infancy has great potential to identify and treat communication conditions earlier resulting in improved language development.

Can You Hand Me A Towel

Just out of reach
a hazy muffled
“I love you.”
hung in the air

wiping our after
shower mirror
the fog lifted
reflecting 499 pieces

a puzzled
forever left

Thanks to for Chance to Show Thumball at ASD

Answers In Motion exhibits Thumball to 30,000 retailers at ASD show in Las Vegas, nation's most comprehensive merchandise show Aug 8-11
Thumball is a game that creates conversation