Thumball Reviews Rank High, Share Your Testimonials

An educational consultant from Texas called a bit out of breath to order an Icebreaker Thumball. It seems one of her students may have taken hers and she simply can't get by without one anymore, that is how essential her Thumball has become to her practice. She shared the testimonial below and recommends everyone get a Thumball carabiner to hold it in place so it won't "walk" away on it's own.

"The Thumball, has given me extraordinary results in breaking the ice.

The students just love it. I usually joke, that at no other time they would be allowed to throw a ball inside of a building unless they were in the gym so I encourage them to just have fun,while getting them to loosen up, while secretly preparing them to listen to me...I love it,it works...

So Thanks again...I could not perform my job successfully without it."
Collegeville Station, TX

Can A Ball Make you Smarter?

An essential aspect of managing the challenges of a child having Special Needs is recognizing that the norm is not enough. We must get creative and behave like scientists trying different theories and putting them to the test. That is how Thumball™ developed into an effective tool for teachers and parents to use.

As a speech pathologist working with students having multiple disabilities including Autism and other communication disorders I needed to get attention, keep focus and maintain motivation so we could reach our individual goals. Thumball had a positive impact on all areas.

The challenges of daily life and learning are compounded when a children feels overwhelmed, unmotivated and isolated. Thumball engages players in a natural flow of toss and catch which promotes eye contact and social skills.

When a player lifts their thumb they get to respond to the panel under their thumb. It might be to name words in categories, answer questions about things they like or act out an emotion (18 designs available). What matters is that focus and attention are activated so the learning can take hold.

Students report feeling "smarter"' when they play Thumball and having "more fun in school". They show interest in others and build interpersonal skills. They expand their vocabularies and they learn to offer or ask for help with less reticence.

Schools are choosing Thumball as an innovative fund raising event. Parent Associations are motivated to offer a quality made product that is educational, fun and gets students moving. With the rate of childhood obesity steadily rising, cooke dough and candy bar drives are not the message they want to send to students.

Soccer Mania Thumball™for Teaching and Talking

There are so many soccer (football or futbol in most countries) clubs worldwide that the popularity and joy of the game can not be overstated. Once the first series of Thumball designs hit the market people noticed it is based on a 32 panel soccer style design. Requests soon came in for a Soccer Thumball and Soccer Mania was born.

Covered in all the key terms a player would need to know to play soccer, Soccer Mania is a favorite among coaches especially of the younger clubs. It gives children a chance to hear the position, plays and terms explained multiple times and to practice some of the moves.

Older students use it to talk about a time when they made a specific play, got a red card or scored a goal. It is also the perfect vehicle for older players to teach younger players how to play the game.
Some parents buy Soccer Mania Thumball so their child can learn the words at home and play with siblings.

Ten Thumball designs have crossed the pond and are now available in the UK and private futbol leaugues are interested in Soccer Mania Thumball. There are requests to make a custom Soccer Thumball with their team name, colors and player's numbers.

We hope to hop the pond some day soon and see our invention on European soil. Play really is the international language of all and everyone knows what to do with a ball. Soon they will all know what to do with a Thumball...Toss, catch, respond to the panel under your thumb.