Be Bold-Share Poems

In honor of National Poetry Month and unafraid to wear my heart on my sleeve, I will post one poem each day in April 2010. Written long ago, they deal with the essential themes of love, loss and the pursuit of a deeper connection with God. They help me see how far I have come in many ways and included are poems, cinquains, even, song lyric possibilities (listen for the country twang in some).
Each title references a food or drink and the total creates a Menu of sorts, my dinner with the Divine. My hope is others will take a leap and share their creative talents. Together we could create a community of self-expression to benefit all. Yes some pieces are cheesey-Mc-Extra Cheesey Fries but what the heck I love cheese fries.

It's The Thought That Counts

When you give to others you are truly giving to yourself. If you give with resentment or fear or jealousy you are giving those emotions to yourself and your own life. If you give with love, compassion, generosity, and joy those feelings will manifest in your experience.

What should we do when your business and every dollar made is reinvested into the business immediately leaving no funds to share, no ability to buy and give. This is when creativity must be developed and used. Remember the giving is about the sentiment behind it, the old adage "It's the thought that counts." was a not a clever way to be cheap it is the true reality of gift giving.

Instead of a store bought gift you can give others confidence by reinforcing to them the talents they may have forgotten they possess, "I love the way you organize and design your home, I feel calm and happy when I am here with you."

Give your heart with compassion and truth. Give your acceptance for the ways things are not the way your mind thinks they should be. Give your time, sit with a sick friend, volunteer and if you can't even leave the house visualize those you care about in their best light, see them glowing and expanding and feeling the love you are sending their way.

Give your creativity and share the ideas your fearful mind says are stupid or corny or too sentimental. Give, give, give and notice if life is feeling dull or invigorating, do you feel drained or energized, are you in a state of peace or fear.

Never give out of "obligation" again knowing it does not serve you or them. Give because you can feel yourself growing and evolving into an even greater version of yourself. Give because you deserve it. We are all connected on every level so to give to yourself is to give to the universe and the universe is created through thought so yes the thought really counts, really.