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I learned something new! after a very frustrating few days I found out where to insert the HTML code so I could include a Slide Show of Thumball™ images. I think it adds value to my blog and gives readers a good overview of the Thumball™ product line.

Learning this new world of codes and posts and images is wonderful when it is not infuriating and turning me into a whiner. Fear not novices, I encourage all to consider blogging and surfing the fascinating worlds out here in Internet land. You will be surprised and you might just surprise yourself. Refresh the Page then Enjoy The Show!

Start 'em Young; Restart 'em Old

Our earliest Thumball designs included the classroom "basics". My ABCs, numbers, shapes and animals have come to be called "Early Learners". From the youngest ages a child can push, watch, touch, roll or hold a ball. The next stage is interacting with the ball receptively.

Without requiring any verbal response just ask the player to show, find or touch specific letters, numbers, shapes or animals. Maybe just show them 2 or 3 panels and have them point to the one you name. Go ahead and give them the answer at first. You are laying great ground work for future language skills to build from.

Now expand the concept and try: "Find the letter that starts your name."
"Touch the number that comes after 2."
"Find the shapes that have corners."
"Point to the animals that have tails."
You will see the pride emerge as they find what they are looking for.

Perhaps we misnamed this collection of balls, they are for all learners esp. those with learning challenges regardless of age. The biggest surprise of all has been seeing how older adults love playing with these Thumballs.

Interaction with the Thumball and the information on them helps those with Alzheimer's stay stimulated and assists in stroke recovery or for those with a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Roll one across the table and see what gets started at the senior center.

So revisit the Early Learners and play a word game, practice math drills, find the shapes in the room and describe your favorite animal in detail. Young and old can come together in play with some brain building thrown in for fun.