Yoko Ono Has Our Balls!

Gwen Owens, a reporter for Comcast Channel 8 is one of those terrific, thoughtful, kind and intelligent people. A person we were lucky enough to meet because of Thumball. Gwen came to my elementary school in September 2007 to do a story on Thumball as an effective new learning tool which allows typically developing students to participate with non typically developing students in a fun way.Developing social skills is a natural consequence of a game of catch. The questions on Thumball take it to the next step and students are verbally expressing themselves to each other.

Our reporter Gwen, she was friendly and approachable and our conversation led to the peace tower which Yoko Ono was dedicating to her late husband John Lennon the following month in Iceland.

We recalled that anchor Larry Kane one of the first reporters to travel with the Beatles in the 1960s also worked at CN8 so we took a chance and asked Gwen if she knew him and if he might have contact information for Yoko Ono. Well she did and he did so we did the only natural next step and sent her the Catch Peace Thumball. It has the word peace in different languages and Yoko loved it. She decided to order 48 Thumballs to give as Christmas gifts in her continuing commitment to peace.

We were thrilled with our first (of we anticipate many) celebrity endorsements. Now my husband can proudly report "Yoko Ono loves my balls." I apologize if that is crude but ball jokes are inherent in our business. Gosh we love the Beatles and we miss John dearly. Thanks Yoko for everything. Peace.

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