It's Like Christmas! New Thumball Samples Arrived

As we travel the country exhibiting Thumball we are pleased when our customers share their own ideas for what would make a great Thumball. Literacy skills are essential to every student's development. Teachers, speech pathologists, English as A Second Language instructors and educational experts everywhere encouraged us to create a fun meaningful way to expand reading comprehension and written expression. We are proud to unveil our latest designs.

Parts Of A Story Thumball:
  • Teaches key elements of stories including plot, setting, characters, conflict etc.
  • Improves verbal expression and organization of thoughts.
  • A Book Report on a ball increases motivation and participation.
  • Stimulates discussions, comparisons/contrasts and fact vs. opinion
Tell The Tale Thumball:
  • The perfect companion to the Parts of A Story Thumball.
  • Retell familiar fairy tales, fables and modern classics.
  • Develops sequencing skills, brain mapping techniques, and verbal/non-verbal expression.
  • Use for dramatic play, improvisation and cooperative team building.
Have a catch and then respond to the panel under your thumb. It is fun and challenging to recall the particulars of a story. The bright shiny colors add extra appeal. Parts of a Story Thumball facilitates verbal explanations of story elements and when combined as written prompts offers the ideal literacy building activity.

Every age group can enjoy these language building exercises. Tell The Tale Thumball promotes the oral tradition of storytelling. Some of the fables have us scratching our heads at first but then they come back to us and we can even recall the morale of the story. It is especially useful for children to listen to adults tell and describe the stories as it provides a model for them to emulate.

New additions to our Thumball family of products is a cause for great celebration for us. I am wearing my Santa hat and everything. Observing the simple yet powerful way children and adults become engaged in learning is a true reward for our hard work. This is a smart way to play in every sense and will build a base for a lifetime of reading for business and pleasure. What favorite children's story can you recall?

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