Meet and Greet Icebreaker Business Style

I am jumping the gun as I am prone to do. My excitement for our latest Thumball design just gets the better of me and I get all giddy and spill the beans.

Our most popular Thumball used by the most age groups in the most settings has been the Icebreaker design. Great at the high school/college clubs, orientations and parties to put players at ease, increase meaningful communication and generate fun.

Our Human Resource customers use it to start meetings and play again half way through to keep everyone perked up during a long presentation. HR leaders tell us again and again how Thumball play improves the feeling in the room and keeps employees more alert and responsive.

The Icebreaker travels to senior centers, nursing centers and long term care centers to stimulate older brains, create interesting conversation and recreate memories from long ago.
Often rolled across the table, instead of tossed about, recreation therapists report more participation from members during group activities.

Drum roll please, "Introducing the next great Icebreaker: Meet and Greet!" Interesting questions to ask others or answer for yourself. Increase the fun by predicting another players answer.
Many questions relate to personal preferences or experiences. Others panels relate more to the workplace and ways to work efficiently. It is easy to adapt to every kind of business, educational settings, clubs, organizations and even home parties.

The 6 inch size makes it easy to catch and toss. There is something about a ball that makes everyone smile and feel a little more playful. A round of catch is simple fun, are you ready to play?
Meet and Greet Thumball will be available in August 2008. We will provide a list of stores and catalogs which carry Thumball products on our blog.

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