Grads Get Together; Parents Start to Let Go

Life is a buzz as every town everywhere across the USA gears up for Graduation ceremonies and ways to celebrate it afterwards. These young men and women are all at different stages of emotion, with those thrilled to be OUT and those quite comfortable with this next step in life and those that are looking around thinking how did I get here, is high school really over?

I have seen all of them and seen many parties from the over the top extravaganza to the simple family gathering to acknowledge their accomplishments and to cheer them on to college, travel, relationships and this experience called life.

As a parent I just never thought this rite of passage would have such a strong effect on me. I expected to be ready for it, anticipating some reduction in stress and the number of things on the to do list. But alas, life has different plans as it so often does. It is a new feeling, a pull on the heartstrings and a longing for those toddler days of cute and cuddly.

We are blessed with one in college, one graduating today and one with 10 years to go to her high school end. Each one is so unique, so dear to us and tucked in the pockets of our hearts and throughout the expanse of our thoughts.

Thumball will be played at our party and allow us to focus on our current and future focus which fills our hearts and minds. Nothing compares though to the fullness of knowing you have had a hand in raising a fine person in this complex world which is worth celebrating every moment of everyday. Congratulations to all of us!

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  1. Well done! CONGRATULATIONS to ALL Grads!

    Hey young Grads
    good show I say
    you've done it now
    you've showed us how

    You've had some good times
    You've made some good friends
    now some will go off
    to do it again

    So good luck in college
    You can do it
    Have a real wild time
    but don't over do it

    Try to make friends fast
    many of the early ones
    will be the ones
    who last

    Unless you love
    to get up early
    don't schedule your classes
    way too early

    And try to get to class
    as much as you can
    you'll be glad you did
    then you'll deserve a cold can

    But try not to party
    too much before class
    you'll more likely attend
    and you won't be an ass

    If you fail the easy Calc
    don't take the harder one
    just keep your eye on the ball
    between all the fun

    You'll be entering
    sort of a fantasy land
    of reading, writing, and thinking
    with those who can lend a hand

    So, do your best with grades
    but at least finish the task
    and soon another graduation
    will come at last...

    and HAVE FUN!!!