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Very fun and exciting day at Thumball Central today. We were invited to speak on Startup Nation's radio show. Startup Nation is an online community of entrepreneurs and it is free and jam packed with useful information.

Three years ago at our inception, Thumball was a concept, the first name was Catch32 Ball because each ball has 32 panels of information. One of the first places I found online having credible resources for inventors was Startup Nation.

The site gave steps to follow when licensing and patenting a new idea. It had us really understand why we wanted to start our own business in more than just financial terms. They suggest a Life Plan and that is what we try to maintain. It is not the cash that is the attraction, it is the freedom for us that the money can allow.

So today we spoke with Rich, Troy and Melanie about Thumball, where we have been, where we are and where we are going. They loved our product and shared the vision of Thumball's multiple uses. Publicity is essential they advised and they believe Thumball has all the elements of an interesting and news worthy story (we agree).

Recommendations included: Call news outlets directly; videotape people playing Thumball and post on Youtube; stress the opportunity to the press you are giving them to produce an inspiring and interesting piece about inventions, entrepreneurship, incredible progress and our Thumball dream coming true.

Timely issues such as Autism, Alzheimer's, Rehab and family fun activities all relate to Thumball and the meaningful ways it contributes to these topics. When learning and play go hand in hand, you have a sure winner and when it can be used by everyone Thumball can't miss. That being said, PR is essential no mater how great the idea so Oprah get ready we are coming to see you.

Expected to air June 27, 2008. Check for details at

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