Move Your Body Is Fun For All

Another of our latest designs is the Teal and Yellow Thumball titled MOVE YOUR BODY. A spontaneous game erupted with our family on Father's Day and it was a blast seeing everyone from our 8 year old daughter to our 77 year old father acting out movements and interacting with enthusiasm and humor.

This Thumball has suggestions such as "Flap your wings and soar; March proudly and salute; Lift your knees to your elbows." So you respond to the direction under your thumb in your choice of ways:
  1. Perform it one or more times for the physical activity. Multiple sets of each action really is an excellent all over workout.
  2. Act it out and let others guess what you are doing, like Charades.
  3. Give direction to another player. Add difficulty by using the Simon Sez format. They must remember to hear "Simon Sez" before they do that action.
  4. Discuss an experience they had such as "Cast your pole and reel in a fish" will prompt great fish stories.
The goals worked on with Move Your Body Thumball are numerous:
  • Physical exercise, body language, vocabulary development, listening skills and oral expression.
  • Players can perform the actions while seated, standing or move around in a gym or outside.
  • A great icebreaker when a meeting goes long and everyone needs a release and a laugh.
Even people not overly physically active, enjoy using Move Your Body Thumball to get the creaks out and get the blood flowing. This Thumball will not fail to impress, excite and bring friends and families together in a new, interactive way. The physical benefits are inherent and the cross generational experience is priceless. Move Your Body Thumball will become available September 15, 2008.

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