Thumball At Work? What is it Good For?

Thumball is ideal for trainings, meetings and teaching. Employee inservices become more interesting with the introduction of ball play. Audience participation increases. An alert brain retains more information. Co-workers from different departments that may have never met are now talking together. The Icebreaker Thumball is perfect for sharing preferences and experiences in a casual yet stimulating way.
Workshops turn into word play with My ABC's Thumball. Throw it, catch it and respond to the letter under your thumb with a word relating to the topic that begins with that letter. Challenges our brains and creates a lively interactive learning experience. Human Resource directors praise Thumball as the easiest most useful tool ever.

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  1. I bought some thumballs for work with my elementary school students. My husband, who usually doesn't like to play 'party games' fell in love and insisted on everyone playing thumball at his 37th birthday party! The ice breaker ball was such a hit that our friends stole the ball to take as a hostess gift to their next party.