Friday the 13th

The 13th and a Friday have been considered a bad pair, an omen of danger. These are just thoughts of course and the more people that think them and the more they believe in them the more it becomes a truth. Next thing you know we are all looking for the superstition to hold true and we find a way to see the something bad or gone wrong or down right awful about the current Friday the 13th.
Imagine if that combo meant the best day ever, the most superb experience, the best luck and you were told it was true and you knew it was coming and bam! You get several compliments, you make every green light, you win a raffle, you find money, get a promotion, get engaged, find your dream house. Imagine that.
Well that is my lesson from today, the day of supposed bad luck, imagine anything and that is what you will get, so go for it. See all you would like to see, really see it, feel it, know it and it will all be there looking back at you, no matter what the day or what the date.
So...I'm looking at a beach in Fiji, 3 blissful children, Thumball sales X 10,000, successful businesses, hefty bank books, cheerful friends/family, and me with a healthy body and a creative mind going to concerts with my handsome happy husband holding my hand.

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