Truck Stop Candy

I know, I know, I have to stop
everyone keeps telling me
it's dangerous
anything could happen
why would you take a risk like that
But I'm still doing it

my neural by-ways are crowded
my synaptic blue highways filled
vagabonds, gypsies
dust covered nomads
just standing there smiling
on the edge of the road
all of them hitchhiking
never sure to where

this mind of mine
always slowing down
pulling over
picking them up
taking them where ever they want to go
what can I say
I'm a generous soul
interested in helping others

they give me great ideas sometimes
and sure are good listeners
the backpacked guys
the girls all dressed in layers
share interesting perspectives
some are world travelers
they seem to love my stories
say my poems are the best they've heard
ask why I'm not published
assure me they would buy my work

we stop for snickers bars and gum
toss out all the empty cups
maybe they see my humble genius
they never want to say Good Bye
give me hugs, take my picture
thank me endlessly
nice characters all
such enthusiasm
can't have anything
to do with
that twenty
I palmed them
when they got
inside the truck

on the entrance ramp
I see white t-shirts
a friendly looking couple
thumbing a ride
let me see
if I can
help them out

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