The Real Thing

We went shopping for new dishes but I can't imagine why
We never share a supper, it's in our cars we dine

It's like we live in different places, body, soul and mind
Our point of view's grown jaded, the table turned to lies.

Did we see it coming? Could we have redirected fate?
Questions so important, have they come a time too late?

Now we're looking for real love, the truest kind of mate
I think I might just know someone, let me set up the date,

She'll be wearing boots of leather, waiting patiently at Eight
A man she likes in denim and she loves to stay out late.

Forget about impressions, for true heart is all she longs
I know this woman will like you, just sing that Beatles song.

Did I fail to mention she looks a lot like me?
Just looking for some real love to shake us to our knees.

Real love, the real thing, a dance on angel's wings
Looking for that real love only our two hearts can bring.

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