Made With Love

A breeze reminding me, of all the dreams that had blown through
my heart, these arms, this property.

Even started to believe, I owned an undisputed monopoly
in heartbreak's vast community.

Never bothered making a house feel like a home, no painting walls,
hanging shelves, brightening up dingy halls.

Waiting on love's fix-it man to perform each act,
fill my frames, take the blame, call my name, light the flame.

When I grew to recognize I can be my own landlord,
did love then come and made a claim of it's own accord

Cleaned ceiling to floor, then a knock on my door
Your first words, my heart's reward;
"In you I see beauty waiting to be born."

We've carpeted this household with goodness plush and new
the beams are strong, the rooms now filled with the best of me and you

Kissing morning sky, baking passion pie
one lush girl, one fine guy, healthy gardens growing high

Now if I know anything about love, it's all because of you
Building our life, living our joy, the work we love to do
Yes if I know anything about love it's all because of you

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