The diner conversation dusty, my mind much too turkey sleepy, until your innocent query
"More?", a simple offer of chardonnay, my response alarming, unexpected
"Yes! More! More of wine, song and merriment. More of art, dance and sentiment
More of diving into wonderment, yes, more, more living, more love."

The guests now nervously fork chasing the meal's last remains
You calmly tipping the bottle, nodding in reply
"We share this word in common, you, your heart and mine
Yes, more, more adventure and exploring. More of friendship with adoring
More of me to do your pouring, yes, more, more living, more love."

Born to this yearning, flaming and burning, passionately churning, more
The foregone answer to the bakery fresh ply of hot country biscuits
butter piled pyramid high, melt with me, then let's make more.

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