A great writer once said
“With inspiration a poem can unfold
but to become great poetry show me the proof.”

more this; less that
reorder, rephrase, recite, replace

review, restate, repeat, retrace
again and again, we chanted:

proof to the North of Grammar and grace
proof to the East for punctuation and space

proof to the South all errors erase
proof to the West format it in place

proof it and praise it to all above
proof it and praise it to all below

the seventh proof turns it and twirls
upward, outward and into the world

denied or dignified; adored or abhorred
hugged, loved or given a shrug

rated, hated, debated
even cleverly imitated; matters not

the mark’s been made, it goes on without you
you may wistfully wish to write it anew

don’t fret, wait it out
be Dickinson about it

if needing reassurance check on it
you will find it over there
in the pudding

Mary Miller Pembleton
July 29, 2010

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