More Than Just A Ball: Catch A Conversation

Go beyond a game of catch with Thumball. Utilizing the brain-based principles of novelty, motivation, interaction and movement Thumball makes learning more fun! Thumballs are pleasingly squeezable balls with imprinted panels. Throw it. Catch it. Discuss what is written under your right thumb.

Want to improve listening and speaking skills while building vocabulary? 
  • Select Category Mania Thumball or move Your Body Thumball
Need to promote self awareness and discuss feelings in an easy effective way?
  • Select Emotion Mania Thumball or virtues and Values Thumball
Have to get acquainted quickly and easily?
  • Select Who Are You for kids and Icebreaker Thumball for teens and adults
Eager to teach youngsters early learning skills?
  • Select Numbers Thumball, My ABCs Thumball, Animals Thumball 
  • and Shapes Thumball
 Want to make a business training or workshop more interactive?
  • Select Meet and Greet Thumball or Best,Worst First Thumball
Having a get together or family gathering?
  • Select Entertainment Talk Thumball
Thumball is the only ball that can do all this and more. Improve social skills, learn concepts, stimulate conversation and share memories with Thumball. The premiere tool used by trainers, educators, parents and leaders to maximize communication opportunities
Easy to play! Inexpensive! Fun! Competition free! With over twenty designs there is a Thumball for every age to meet any need. Thumball Gets Everybody Talking!
Catch a Conversation!

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