Looking For A Thrill?

The nature of business is a roller coaster ride of terror and joy. I swear I had no idea what I was getting into. I finally understand the drive and determination and obsession of entrepreneurs and business people. It's an excitement I have never felt before and sometimes I break into a sweat and lose my voice.

The way our company Answers In Motion and our product Thumball integrates running business with products for education and learning is a motivating mix for me.

Giving up being a full time speech pathologist for 22 years to become a business partner with my husband Gregg was no easy task. The educational system while gravely flawed(and often frustrating) is full of our country's most precious commodity, our children. Their honesty, curiosity and humor made every work day a great surprise. I miss seeing them each day very much.

The fact that designing, marketing and selling Thumball allows me to still see joy on the faces of children and adults as they share in a game of catch is priceless. That I get to do it with the man and children I love nearby is stunning.

I give thanks many times a day. I thank my friends and family for their support, then I give the booth attendant my ticket and get back on this rollicking ride I have chosen. They call this ride a scream machine for good reason!
Hands up, this is gonna be fun.

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