Thumball Reviews Rank High, Share Your Testimonials

An educational consultant from Texas called a bit out of breath to order an Icebreaker Thumball. It seems one of her students may have taken hers and she simply can't get by without one anymore, that is how essential her Thumball has become to her practice. She shared the testimonial below and recommends everyone get a Thumball carabiner to hold it in place so it won't "walk" away on it's own.

"The Thumball, has given me extraordinary results in breaking the ice.

The students just love it. I usually joke, that at no other time they would be allowed to throw a ball inside of a building unless they were in the gym so I encourage them to just have fun,while getting them to loosen up, while secretly preparing them to listen to me...I love it,it works...

So Thanks again...I could not perform my job successfully without it."
Collegeville Station, TX

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