Thumball™ Rockin NY Toy Fair 2010

The best time of year is here again, February, when it is cold and snowy and time to share hearts, flowers and TOYS. The biggest and best toy expo in the world is held each year at the Javitz Center in New York City and classic, innovative and new toys are presented for all to see.

Thumball is now being exhibited by Talicor Inc,[name_like]=thumball&x=14&y=14 a top quality toy distributor of educational, communication, Christian and family games. They will be in Booth #313this year displaying the Thumball line of products and introducing new designs. A chance for more retailers to learn about Thumball, the simple game that gets great results. Over and over in the news are discussions about the fading art of verbal communication and social skills. A simple game of Thumball gets people talking, interacting and behaving at their best.

"The Ball" was recently admitted into the Toy Hall of Fame because it is a universally understood object of fun and recreation. Thumball improved on that concept by adding key words, phrases and questions to the ball which stimulate conversation and promote learning in a playful way. Parents, teachers and leaders in every field are excited by a simple toy that does so much more than just encourage toss and catch.

It may be cold every February and Toy Fair attendees rarely get to be home with their loved ones on Valentine's Day but the love of new business and dynamic products like Thumball keep them coming back every year for the fun and opportunities that abound.

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