More Conversation Starters Requested: New Thumball Designs Answer The Need

Answers In Motion announces three new Thumball designs in production and available in March 2010. Trainers, teachers, parents and counselors requested more designs that encourage people to share personal stories and reflect on life experiences. Creators Mary and Gregg Pembleton agreed that the more we know about each other, the more we can understand each other.
  • Entertainment Talk encourages players to discuss and share ideas about books, film and television.
  • Best, Worst First allows players to share stories about events such as weddings or job interviews and choose to tell about their first, best or worst experience on that subject.
  • People, Places and Things offers open-ended Who, Where and What questions to stimulate creative thinking and interesting discussions.
Our retailers are excited to increase their Thumball offerings. Human Resource trainers, elder-care staff, special education teachers and families are eager to use the new Thumballs at work, school and home to get everybody talking, laughing and sharing a piece of themselves while learning about others.

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