Thumball Adds Fun To Busy Blended Family Life

One heartfelt Thumball™ testimonial can make our whole day here at Answers In Motion!

"I wanted to let you know how much fun we have with your Thumballs! I can’t tell you how many hours of laughter these little balls have brought to our house. We have a blended family with seven children and a revolving door of friends and family members. It’s not uncommon that when we are gathered in the family room after dinner, someone will pick up a nearby Thumball and start the game rolling. We love the ice breaker questions and the simple ABC ball has sparked many types of games such as categories. Some of the categories that people can come up with are real side splitters! It really sparks the imagination. These simple little inexpensive toys are great for people of all ages. We were discussing the balls last night and my sister, who is a teacher, is now going to add one to her classroom!"  Thanks for all the fun! Jo Green, Owner The Green Clean Team, NJ

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