A Journey Starts With Just One Step

History making days are happening in so many wonderful and startling ways. First and foremost we have a new President-Elect and his name is Barack. He is married with 2 daughters and inconsequentially is a black man. That was tongue in cheek of course, this is a remarkable turn in our humanity's evolution. Even I just two years ago said something like...our country isn't ready for a black president and not a women either.

Although it thrilled me to consider Hillary or Barack as a true candidate. The campaign run by Obama and his dedicated staff was dignified and diligently focused. Barack exuded a presidential air early on and I marveled as it grew. I watched people like me and unlike me open up to a Democrat with new ideas. I watched news, read papers and felt truly involved in the direction of our country.

On Tuesday night I gasped, stared, jumped for joy and then cried at the wonder of this winner. I saw the world and my family come together and I felt deeply touched watching Barack like a mother watching her child mature and take on responsibilities and learn and succeed.

We are on a new road headed in a new direction, led by the most unexpected yet most prepared of leaders to improve circumstances so we can all live life well and participate more fully in our communities. Early congratulations to President Obama and his beautiful family and our country as a whole.

Our custom made Obama Thumballs were not accepted at the Obama headquarters due to security issues. It is disappointing that Barack did not get to see and feel these one of a kind Thumballs but no worries. Those who did see them loved them and helped to remind them why they were voting for him. We are so glad we did both, made the Obama Ball and voted for him. Hope you did too but if not you are welcome on board with love.

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